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Use these procedures for addressing or accomplishing your creative work.
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# 052

I don’t know what the first step in my creative process should be

Questions to mine the emotional tension of your immediate past experiences as raw source material for creative expression
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# 051

I’m not motivated to write right now

Minimum Viable Utility
Your personal quota of problem solving for intellectual execution
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# 043

I’m too whatever, people won’t hire me, I can’t do this

Limitation Lever
Turn your weaknesses into assets and tactical advantages
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# 059

I want to build an empire with my creative work

Treating your entire body of work would as a standing sales pitch to imaginary benefactors
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# 022

I have all these ideas, but don’t know what to do with them

Organizing Principle
The core assumption, central reference point or guiding pole, which governs action and allows everything else in its proximity to derive value.
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# 031

I totally screwed up and feel foolish

Using humiliation to convert mistakes into lessons and lessons into habits.
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# 033

I know what I want to do and should do, I just can’t do it

Disgust Of Wind
Create real, lasting change through the power of positive tension.
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# 021

I’m not sure what format to put this work in.

Putting an end to the habitual anticipation of outcomes and listening for what wants to be created instead
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# 015

I think my idea is taking on a life of its own

Working Modular
Treating each idea as an uncategorized chunk of creative material, an objective, portable piece content that accumulates and categorizes into its own structure.
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# 014

I’m forget my ideas, or not sure what to do when they come to me

Ground Zero
The entry point into the creative processing workflow, the primary location for offloading raw materials into your idea factory, the central cockpit of creative control.
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# 008

I can’t stay motivated to keep working on projects

Creative Commitment
A theoretical constraint of treating your art as a daily practice, professionalizing your art and using daily momentum to keep yourself from feeling detached from the process.
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# 005

I can’t up with any new ideas

Rejecting the notion of the elusive eureka moment and practicing an existential and holistic approach to a creative life, living in a way that your art gets done over and over.
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# 020

I can’t make things with my mood, emotions or circumstance

Meaning Making Mission
An existential blueprint for noticing, naming, taming and reframing negative moods into positive fulfillment
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# 016

I can’t maintain a constant flow of creativity

Unconscious Rumination
Allowing your inner mind to get to work mulling over, sorting out, organizing and categorizing material that has been previously absorbed, ultimately generating an idea at a time when the mental spotlight isn’t on it.
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# 004

I can’t focus and my projects are spread too thin

Identity Based Creation
Tapping into your native endowments channeling them in the service of making your ideas happen.
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