Conceptual structure

# 291

I want to build a culture of innovation, retain clients through great work and make waves throughout the organization

Innovation Audit
Building a complete value ecosystem, including content, context, circumstance, consumer and circulation
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# 295

I am in between writing projects, but I can’t decide what the next thing is

Project Junkie
A brainstorming framework to decide which venture to tackle next
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# 201

I don’t have money, or I’m depressed and can’t write

Existential Machinery
Taking control of the means of production, but also the production of meaning
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# 139

I want my employees to be more innovative during client meetings

Starting Block
A framework to help teams adopt a more efficient starting posture and preload their creative brains in an enhanced manner
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# 061

I don’t know what to do with all these ideas

Execution Ranking
A framework for determining the relative priority of your ideas
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# 005

I can’t up with any new ideas

Rejecting the notion of the elusive eureka moment and practicing an existential and holistic approach to a creative life, living in a way that your art gets done over and over.
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