I want to build a culture of innovation, retain clients through great work and make waves throughout the organization

Innovation Audit


The Context

There is no part of the creative process that is not worth reimagining. As we sit down to create our next thing, we open ourselves to the complete possibility of what might be. Trusting that innovation is more than what we make, it’s also why we choose to make it, how we go about making it, whom we make it for, and where we deliver it to them. A complete value ecosystem. Not just content, but context, circumstance, consumer and circulation. It’s product plus all the processes and philosophies around it.

The Tool

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Innovation Audit

INNOVATION AUDIT — Building a complete value ecosystem, including content, context, circumstance, consumer and circulation

Every innovation you love came from a question. And so, for your audit, try this. Say you are creating a live event. Ask yourself how you could make the experience happen beyond the walls of the venue. Live streaming? Post event digital access? Franchises of weekly small group discussions? Say you are publishing an ongoing body of work. Ask yourself how you could let people engage with your project as it’s being produced. Email feedback loops? User generated content submissions? Contests that reward community engagement? Say you are launching a new software product. Ask yourself how to make your audience equal members of the stage. Gamifying interactions? Incentivizing power users? Gathering in person annually?

During my stretch as a strategist at an innovation agency, my boss would always tell clients, how we go to market is as important as who we are when we get there. Meaning, innovation is not the veneer we apply after the hard work is done, innovation is the hard work. It’s the holistic human endeavor, the systematic approach, that calls upon the totality of our resources, to drive value in the world.

The Rest

There are new sources of growth that can only come from innovation. And if you trust that there is no part of the process that is not worth reimagining, there is no telling where your ideas might take you. How is your organization keeping innovation high on the agenda?

The Benefits

Leverage the totality of your company’s resources to drive value
Elevate your brand’s reputation as culture and creator of innovation
Build a more satisfied and intrinsically oriented work force
Become as unique going to the market as what you are when you get there
Unlock new sources of company growth through a holistic, human, systematic approach to ideation

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