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Hear from our Founding Members about what changed for the better since they started using Personal Creativity Management.

Before we had Prolific, we made a few failed attempts at building internal and external content. But once our company had reliable frameworks, we fixed this problem in a matter of months.

- Ryan, Entrepreneur

The content is always unique, not just a regurgitation of principles I’ve heard before.

- Kendra, Entrepreneur

So many truth and value bombs.

- David, Entrepreneur

A wonderful asset as I work to grow my business

- Duke, Consultant

Writer's block no more.
Prolific has turned me into an idea machine.

- Steve, Trainer/Speaker

A creative game changer in our industry.

- Andy, Author/Speaker

Insanely valuable. Sign up, you will love it.

- Neen, Executive Coach

Prolific got me through a couple very rough days in an uninspired work environment

- Steph, Digital Marketer

What PCM showed us is that organization is actually the middle step that sits between them inspiration and execution. And since we've committed to these methods, we've seen massive improvement in our results."

- Eli, COO

Prolific's daily emails are a creative
neutron bomb to my inbox

- Adam, CEO

I've made Prolific part of my daily routine.

- Tim, Novelist

These tools are friggin awesome!

- Tisha, Inventor

Easily searchable for tools to solve problems!

- Steve, Writer

The problem solving tools are incredible.

- Lisa, Entrepreneur

Exactly the kind of open curriculum that
the world needs more of.

- Kelly, Training Manager

The site and ecosystem is so inspiring.

- Rodney, Entrepreneur