Prolific Manifesto

These are the core tenets of Personal Creativity Management

Manifesto Table of Contents

    You are never starting from Scratch

    # 302

    I do great work and want to grow it and build an empire

    Systemizing your creative work in such a way that it could be replicated and productized
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    # 038

    I have so many complicated ideas that I’m losing the thread

    Corral the entirety of your project to be viewable in a single frame
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    Creativity can be systematic, not just sporadic.

    # 198

    I just got screwed by reality, and it’s forcing me to change creatively

    Forcing yourself to appraise negative circumstances in a forward thinking way
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    # 075

    I’m not motivated to do this thing

    Motivational Economics
    Either shifting our relationship with pain, or shifting our definition of gain.
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    Volume and speed trump accuracy and quality.

    # 139

    I want my employees to be more innovative during client meetings

    Starting Block
    A framework to help teams adopt a more efficient starting posture and preload their creative brains in an enhanced manner
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    # 110

    I want my idea to go viral and spread

    Idea Seeding
    Grow the reach and legitimacy for your idea through constant, incremental exposure
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    Mindset matters more than environment.

    # 296

    I am tired of having integrity, it’s counterproductive

    Make concessions about undesirable work to develop a sustainable relationship with ourselves
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    # 137

    I need inspiration, and none of these tricks or hacks I’m using work

    Inventive Mechanism
    The natural constellation of creative entities we already possess and can access
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    Giving yourself permission is half of the work.

    # 253

    I don’t do open mics or showcases, but I need to get more exposure for my work

    Permissionless Platform
    Hiring yourself to create a local artist’s residency
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    # 049

    I don’t have a venue to perform and there are gatekeepers

    Permission Slip
    Generating opportunities to express ourselves despite access, audience or affluence
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    If you don't write it down, it never happened.

    # 222

    I need to work out some feelings and figure out what’s going on

    Aggressive Pondering
    Deliberately creating a situation or framed experience in order to have an arena in which to work out an unresolved issue
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    # 205

    I am working on this gigantic, overwhelming thing, and I need to organize my thoughts and gain perspective

    Contextualizing your problems in the larger ecosystem to see the structures that underlie complete situations
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    All forms of emotional tension are usable.

    # 292

    I want new opportunities, but people and companies want my time for free

    Labor Limit
    Setting boundaries on your generosity of providing unpaid service
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    # 011

    I’m can’t figure out what I should do next

    A daily ritual of emotional release where you metabolize your experiences, make serious mental headway into your ideas and get the creative faucet flowing.
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    Whatever is unsexy gives you leverage.

    # 180

    I feel foolish because I’m not wired for this task, and wish I was better at it

    Limitation Language
    Building a narrative about your weaknesses that gives you perspective and power
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    # 101

    I need people who believe in me early on to keep me afloat and motivated

    Emotional Capital
    The human support structure that gives you power to pursue your dream
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    You have plenty of time to do everything you want to do.

    # 306

    I wish I had more time to do my creative work, but there are only so many hours in the day

    COMPRESSING -- Solving the problem of time through reducing, condensing or combining
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    # 127

    I want to make things, but have no money

    Time Constraint
    Using a restricted production window to exploit your creative energy in novel ways.
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    If fulfillment isn't the answer, then rephrase the question.

    # 247

    I have a hard time getting started with my artwork, it takes forever to get into the zone

    Centering Sequence
    A daily ritual that brings your brain up to operating temperature in order to run properly
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    # 150

    I need ways to improve my creative operation, or my team’s process

    Dirty Work
    Turning one company's trash into another one's treasure
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    Nobody is paying attention anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process.

    # 048

    I want to launch my idea strong in the beginning

    Commencement Device
    Intentionally enshrine the first iteration of your project, framing it with layers of thoughtfulness and professionalism
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    # 010

    I can’t find my authentic voice and say something original

    Uniqueness Filtering
    Focusing on and differentiating your work through the little worlds you investigate to a great, high level, something that fascinates and ignites you
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    Energy is the organizing principle that gives you the greatest momentum.

    # 288

    I have to be creative for all these other people, but what about me?

    Productive Selfishness
    Saving some creativity for yourself to optimize the very process for which you are renowned
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    # 125

    I can’t get anyone on my team to take the time to help me on this thing

    Extreme Ownership
    Create leverage through the attraction of working, not the arrogance of interruption
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