Why Personal Creativity Management?

More and more professionals need creativity for their job, but the tools to manage it efficiently it don’t exist.

See how Prolific compares against existing offerings in the market.

Prolific vs. Software

Software Examples

Apps, Games, Software, Social Media

Workspaces, Prompts, Brainstorming

Productivity, Project Management

Asana, Instagram, Pinterest, Wunderlist, ToDoist, ListApp, Evernote

Software Pros & Cons

Strong in novelty & digital experience

Low price or free

Overwhelming features & notifications

Consumes more time than it saves

All inspiration & organization, no action

Most of the tools designed to enhance one’s personal productivity seem to exacerbate the very anxieties they were meant to allay. The better you get at managing time, the less of it you feel that you have.

- Entepreneuer (2019)

Prolific Tools to use instead:

# 301

I want to branch out and expand my repertoire

Consciously and proactively mixing up your creative vehicles
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# 303

I add value to the team but nobody appreciates my effort

Framing our creative work as a gift of generosity, not an obligation of labor
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# 302

I do great work and want to grow it and build an empire

Systemizing your creative work in such a way that it could be replicated and productized
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Prolific vs. Systems

Systems Examples

Methods, Resources & Groups

Online Groups, Live Events

Guru Platforms, Podcast Communities

GTD, Artist's Way, Pomodoro, Behance, Kanban, 4hr Workeweek, Creative Mornings

Systems Pros & Cons

High in structure

Robust offering of resources

Cumbersome, complicated & controlling

Either too clinical or too artsy

Propaganda for selling other products

An explosion in technology aimed at helping people manage their time and tasks may actually be making it harder. When you open up a browser window, there are twenty tabs staring at you with stuff you need to get done, fighting for your attention.

- Wall Street Journal (2013)

Prolific Tools to use instead:

# 204

I am putting constant time pressure on myself with heavy workloads, and it’s too demanding

Deliberately choosing not to do something to see it simply goes away and nobody notices
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# 030

I feel guilty about being angry or sad

Giving yourself permission to channel complicated emotions into useful results
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# 038

I have so many complicated ideas that I’m losing the thread

Corral the entirety of your project to be viewable in a single frame
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Prolific vs. Services

Services Examples

Consultants, Coaches, Gurus

Business Consultants, Creativity & Life

Coaches, Paid Mentors

Action Coach, International Coaches Federation, Life Coach Associations, Great Game of Business

Services Pros & Cons

Strong accountability

Effective in habit change

Expensive and labor intensive

One size fits all solution after the fact

Can create external dependency

My biggest issue with most coaching programs is they try to make you something you’re not. And you spend a lot of your time trying to put into practice what the coach makes you aware of.

- New York Times (2014)

Prolific Tools to use instead:

# 190

I want to produce more work, but need some kind of external force to move things along for our team

Using the forcing function of public accountability to bring a creative work into existence
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# 072

I can’t get in the mood to do my work if I don’t have my special things

Domestic Oil
Reducing your dependency on optimal and external creative circumstances to thrive
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# 019

I’m disappointed about not making any progress at this stage

Commitment Device
A physical, simple, creative, intentional and memorable totem that keeps your dream in front of your face.
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Prolific vs. Everybody

See how PCM compares to the rest.

FeatureProlific PCMSoftwareSystemsServices
Novel Experience
Creates Inspiration
Improves Organization
Enables Execution
Saves Time
High In Structure
Robust Resources
Flexible to Your Style
Empowers Habit Change
Daily Blogs Delivered to Inbox
Expertise Driven
Vocabulary For Growth
Sustainable Over Long Term
Hundreds Of Tools
Built For Creators
Prevents Creative Emergencies