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Fixed dispositions that determine your response to creative situations


Procedures for addressing or accomplishing your creative work


Act or conduct yourself in specific ways yielding prolificacy


Use these specific things to produce value along the creative process

# 314

I have too many potential writing ideas and it’s getting overwhelmed

Using a simple, binary evaluation to unclog the creative pipes and shepherd ideas through the system
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# 307

I want to get better at dealing with rejection so it doesn’t derail me

An alternative regulatory strategy to negative feedback about your work
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# 301

I want to branch out and expand my writing repertoire

Consciously and proactively mixing up your creative vehicles
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# 304

I am blocked because of difficult emotions and intense experiences that haven’t been processed

Using the creative process as tool for cleansing, lightening and liberating your heart and mind
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# 310

I just got bad news and now I’m struggling with a crisis

Using dedicated chunks of creative expression to explore, exhaust and exceed difficult feelings
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# 311

I am overwhelmed by all the information, opinions and content clogging up my mind

Selective Indifference
Being discerning enough not to dwell on meaningless matters, conserving your best energies for your creative efforts
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# 313

I have a bad feeling that things are about to take a turn for the worst

Giving yourself permission to fantasize in both positive and negative directions
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# 312

I am overwhelmed with tasks and get flustered going from meeting to meeting

Punctuating routine activities with a line of demarcation or microstructure that sets a boundary between peripheral and principle creative work
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# 308

I am only using a fraction of my talent and want to do more

Reversing the target marketing process where customers aim at you
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# 302

I write great work and want to grow it and build an empire

Systemizing your creative work in such a way that it could be replicated and productized
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# 306

I wish I had more time to write, but there are only so many hours in the day

Solving the problem of time through reducing, condensing or combining
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# 303

I add value to the team but nobody appreciates my effort

Framing our creative work as a gift of generosity, not an obligation of labor
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# 309

I feel stuck in my writing career and need to make a big change

A filter for relating to reality that determines your creative responses to situations that are different, not just better
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# 305

I want to learn quickly so I can write groundbreaking ideas

Creative Promiscuity
Providing more entry points for insight to occur through a compressed, high level of diverse input
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# 293

I want to provide a valuable brand experience quickly so we have loyal customers

Price Of Admission
Tracking and pinpointing when customers experience the aha moment of seeing your value
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# 285

I am scared of not putting my best foot forward and getting rejected before I start writing

A contextual, conceptual or physical prototype that does a lot of the strategic heavy lifting for you
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# 300

I want to make a lasting contribution and tap into my writing strengths at work

An integrative approach to identifying, understanding, exploiting and managing your own talent
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# 288

I have to be creative for all these other people, but what about writing for me?

Productive Selfishness
Saving some creativity for yourself to optimize the very process for which you are renowned
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# 289

I want my organization to innovate and influence broader culture with our products

Trusting the creative process to lead you towards profitable discoveries
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# 282

I’m a new writer on a team, and want to make a difference and be here long term

Resale Value
Thinking of your organization as an asset that appreciates in economic value every day that you show up
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# 283

I want to be valuable and feel satisfied in my organization so I don’t get fired

Rising Tide
Expanding your own value by elevating the whole team
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# 298

I don’t want my company to innovate for innovation’s sake

The positive downstream effects of the innovation process, regardless of the outcome
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# 297

I work at a company that moves too fast, and people are tired and don’t have time to write

Creating the necessary whitespace to take a breath and decide what the next right action is
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# 292

I want new writing opportunities, but people and companies want my time for free

Labor Limit
Setting boundaries on your generosity of providing unpaid service
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# 291

I want to build a culture of innovation, retain clients through great work and make waves throughout the organization

Innovation Audit
Building a complete value ecosystem, including content, context, circumstance, consumer and circulation
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# 281

I want some process on our team, but don’t want to overdo it

Process Calibration
Finding the middle ground that balances your team’s need for predictability with its freedom to be creative
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# 284

I have all the ideas to improve my company, but don’t want to annoy or overwhelm people

Starting small with your big ideas, letting the seed of organizational change sprout over time
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# 294

I have information overload and get stressed and overwhelmed

Conscious Consumption
Applying a level discernment to the intellectual nourishment you ingest
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# 299

I am doing really well right now, and have nothing to complain about

Greed Mode
Aggressively exploiting opportunities and expanding assets when you're already in a position of strength
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# 286

I have lost my mojo for this writing project and can’t get it back

Gravitational Order
Using motion to create equilibrium so your creative work finds its place in the universe
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# 296

I am tired of having integrity, it’s counterproductive

Make concessions about undesirable work to develop a sustainable relationship with ourselves
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# 295

I am in between writing projects, but I can’t decide what the next thing is

Project Junkie
A brainstorming framework to decide which venture to tackle next
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# 287

I have writing talent, but nowhere or no way to use it

The larger equation of everything needed to buttress creative opportunity, including knowledge, resources and courage.
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# 290

I have many writing projects on my plate, but I’m not sure which one to focus on next

Opportunity Junkie
A filter that evaluates the asset value of a potential new project or endeavor
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# 263

I want to trust my inner voice more and figure how to do great work

Intuitive Leading
Deconstructing instincts into hard concepts that can be understood more technically
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# 273

I wish the writing process was faster and easier, making art is hard and takes forever

Raising our frustration tolerance by remove extreme language from our vocabulary
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# 276

I want my readers or audience to know how good I am and respect my talent

Compressing your portfolio of talents into a tight little package that demonstrates the full firepower of your creative arsenal.
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# 266

I’m in over my head, I have to write things that don’t come naturally to me

Transferring the architecture behind your core talent to a mundane or overwhelming task
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# 269

I only have a small role in this project, but I want them to remember me

Creating an intentional point of overdelivery
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# 264

I get frustrated and discouraged by people’s feedback about my writing

Feedback Filter
A binary grounding question we ask ourselves to recalibrate and put criticism in perspective
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# 280

I want to create a culture of innovation and motivate my team to do great work

Capturing, organizing, merchandising and sharing moments that signal the collective spirit of your culture
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# 268

I am a new writer on the team, I want to learn quickly and create value right away

Teasing out the historical context of an organization to give your work more leverage
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# 270

I want to get a job, or thrive in a new role, but nobody here knows what I do yet

Creating your own language to capture the nuance you’re seeing that makes you good at what you do
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# 261

I write great stuff, but I’m not sure how, and I want to improve my skills

Deconstructive Learning
Attaching introspection to action to understand the full extent of your capabilities so you can replicate your success
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# 275

I can’t start new habits, and reading books or attending events doesn’t help

Making personal change easier to swallow by tailoring interventions to your unique context
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# 267

I want people to pay for my writing and believe in my brand

Illustrating the historical context to feather people’s intellectual nests so your product has a smooth landing
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# 274

I get obsessed with gathering inspiration and other tasks, and can’t do my actual work

Making an intentional transition from peripheral creation to principal creation
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# 262

I read and learn and have experiences, but don’t write anything with my learning

The practice of processing experiences into insights and insights into habits
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# 279

I don’t know how fast or slow my creative project should be progressing

Micro Pacing
An elegantly balanced production effort between heating and cooling
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# 278

I want our company to grow and become more valuable in the public’s eye

Launch Mode
Acting in a way that earns you the privilege of making an announcement about your work
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