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Use these specific things to produce value along the creative process.
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# 285

I am scared of not putting my best foot forward and getting rejected before I start writing

A contextual, conceptual or physical prototype that does a lot of the strategic heavy lifting for you
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# 278

I want our company to grow and become more valuable in the public’s eye

Launch Mode
Acting in a way that earns you the privilege of making an announcement about your work
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# 280

I want to create a culture of innovation and motivate my team to do great work

Capturing, organizing, merchandising and sharing moments that signal the collective spirit of your culture
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# 260

I’m not confident or motivated with my writing, and I’ve lost momentum

Converting your creative area into a progress rich environment that stimulates focus and buoys my spirits
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# 241

I am making major changes as a writer, and don’t want to do it alone

Secure Base
The human support system with love as its scaffolding help you process your artistic changes
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# 243

I have never done this kind of writing before, and I’m not confident in my abilities

Accidental Preparation
The hardcore formative time that fosters dreams, acts as creative training and lays groundwork for the years to follow.
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# 244

I have lots of ideas and need a way to see them with fresh eyes to discover their potential

Arbitrary Sorting Mechanism
An organizing principle, free of judgment and expectation, that allows ideas to find each other
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# 239

I want my team members to grow personally so they can contribute professionally

Creating an environment that forces people access new talents and skills
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# 234

I don’t write as fast or perfectly as I want, so I talk myself out of doing my ideas

Ignorance Capital
Intentionally not knowing your destination to give yourself speed, power and momentum
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# 232

I have a role where I use my writing to help the team, and I want to do well

Support Survey
A template for collecting data on people and processes that helps you prioritize creative projects
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# 240

I am ready to reinvent myself, and I need to make it official

Creative Retirement
Writing a letter of resignation to yourself to bookend an important stage in your artistic life
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# 163

I am not going to get up earlier, so I need another time to sneak in writing in my day

Wait Loss
Find, focus and leverage the pockets of freedom you already have
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# 176

I can’t afford new equipment, supplies or inspiration, but I want to write new things

Adaptive Opportunism
Creatively combining what you already have to make new things
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# 147

I want my company leads to understand the contributions I bring to the organization

Shipping Log
An accounting ledger of your personal creative contributions to the team
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# 122

I am afraid of having to start from zero on this new project

Identifying what you already possess in service of your creative vision so you don’t have to start from zero
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# 136

I am scared about having to start from scratch

Stream Stepping
Faithfully partnering with the existing flow of innovative energy to carry your vision forward
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# 117

I think my life is a mess and I get stressed or hopeless with all the things

Mission Control
A snapshot of everything that’s important to me, helping me understand the relationships between the various buckets of my life.
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# 102

I want our organization to grow its brand by doing innovative things

Idea Marketplaces
Regularly gathering people to sell and purchase intellectual effects, conceptual assets and creative goods
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# 101

I need people who believe in me early on to keep me afloat and motivated

Emotional Capital
The human support structure that gives you power to pursue your dream
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# 107

I am writing things, but nobody is watching

Obscurity Capital
A level of psychological wealth built through the practice of private, creative freedom
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# 081

I want to do a long term team project and make engaging in our office

Wall Work
Leveraging the vertical plane as a safe haven where your new ideas can incubate.
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# 100

I want to stay the course when writing is hard

Creative Capital
Executing work for the joy of the process and the compound interest that pays dividends later
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# 074

I’m stuck and need validation that my idea is real and worthwhile

Momentum Device
A totem to validate your creative process with just enough sophistication to move the story forward
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# 077

I need to stay focused on my goals and make my dreams feel real

A power object that give your productive obsessions a physical expression
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# 071

I am not sure which writing projects to tackle first

Energetic Capital
Using team energy as the primary organizing principle of your work
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# 048

I want to launch my idea strong in the beginning

Commencement Device
Intentionally enshrine the first iteration of your project, framing it with layers of thoughtfulness and professionalism
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# 038

I have so many complicated ideas that I’m losing the thread

Corral the entirety of your project to be viewable in a single frame
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# 002

I am out of my physical element and can’t get into a creative mode

Thoughtfully and intentionally creating a diversity of environments that are framed to support our individual pursuit of meaning
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# 018

I can’t keep momentum alive for projects

Victory Log
A small weekly calendar that you populate with any and all victories, large or small, that you achieve each day
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# 019

I’m disappointed about not making any progress at this stage

Commitment Device
A physical, simple, creative, intentional and memorable totem that keeps your dream in front of your face.
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