I’m stuck and need validation that my idea is real and worthwhile

Momentum Device


The Context

Closing the execution gap is a matter of relentless resourcefulness. Not only our ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties, but also our willingness to dedicate resources to implementing our strategy. Only by spending real time, money and talent, and in a way that is consistent with our goals, do we move our projects forward. Some call it a forcing function, others call it burning the ships, but for us, it's a momentum device.

The Tool

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Momentum Device

MOMENTUM DEVICE — A totem to validate your creative process with just enough sophistication to move the story forward

We all need something, anything, that validates our execution process. It may be as simple as setting a kickoff meeting. Or as straightforward as getting a small budget approved. And it may be as complex as building out proprietary technology to launch the idea. Cool. Whatever it takes to overcome the inertia that paralyzes most people.

At my first startup job, our marketing team was tasked with doubling website traffic in three months. It seemed overwhelming at first, but the upside was, we were given two key resources. Five hundred bucks to get creative, and ten minutes during the all company meeting to reveal our results. That was enough to light a fire under our collective assess. Fueled by our small budget and motivated by the chance to brag about our success in front of six hundred coworkers, we hit the ground running. And after a few months of being insane frustrated, the team finally launched a fun and helpful series of educational videos for both our product and marketing communications. The content was certainly not award winning, and nothing went viral, but the videos allowed us to exceed our goal of doubling website traffic.

The Rest

Don't underestimate the power of relentless resourcefulness. In a world where less than one percent of entrepreneurs secure funding, it’s our best bet at overcoming constitutional passivity and closing the execution gap. Otherwise our ideas stay in idea form. What one simple thing would help you build the momentum you need?

The Benefits

Create a forcing function to overcome bottlenecks
Overcome the inertia that paralyzes most people
Tap into your native resourcefulness faster
Overcome the execution gap and make your ideas a reality

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