I can’t afford new equipment, supplies or inspiration, but I want to write new things

Adaptive Opportunism


The Context

Everyone has been in the situation where there is food is in their house, but they can't figure out how to make it into something for dinner. Nor do they want to, nor can they afford to keep ordering takeout. Recipiece is the solution to this problem. This imaginary app takes an inventory of your pantry, refrigerator and kitchen ingredients. And within mere seconds, the algorithm gives your meal ideas. Only have an onion, half an avocado, a can of mushroom soup and that crusty little end piece from the last loaf of bread? No problem. Here's how to turn that into a four course dinner! The app even integrates with your social media accounts so you convince friends and family that you're a master chef. Recipiece proves there's never nothing for dinner anymore. Tell me you wouldn't pay three dollars for that app? It's leverage waiting to happen.

The Tool

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Adaptive Opportunism

ADAPTIVE OPPORTUNISM — Creatively combining what you already have to make new things

Whatever creative project you're working on, there must be a way for us not use anything once here, you just have to get creative. How well do you creatively combine what you already have to make new things? The beauty of asking this question is, it deepens your trust in your own resources. You learn to have stronger faith that who you already are, and what you already have, that's enough to get what you want. Talk about food for thought. What if you challenged yourself to never use anything once?

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

One of my wife's mantras is, never use anything once. Sustainability is a core value for her, and it's amazing how much leverage she can get out of what she already has, rather than acquiring something new. This plays out in the kitchen on a regular basis. Just when it looks like we have nothing for dinner, somehow, she'll scrape together a combination of leftovers from the fridge, frozen fish from the depths of the freezer, and spices I didn't even know we had, and in twelve minutes, we'll have a delicious, healthy meal that no human has ever thought to cook before. Brittany is what you might call an adaptable culinary opportunist. It's truly remarkable. The leverage question she subconsciously asks herself is, how can you creatively combine what you already have to make new things?

The Rest

Notice it's not a yes or no question, but a how question. That's how adaptable people think. Where does your opportunity agenda grow from?

The Benefits

Deepen your trust in your artistic talents and expertise
Save time and money by using, reusing and repurposing existing assets
Expand your resourcefulness so you can make something out of anything
Uncover innovative opportunities that are right under your nose

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