I can’t keep momentum alive for projects

Victory Log


The Context

We’re walking in footsteps everywhere we go. And there’s always a moment when we think, wow, if that guy can do it, if this counts, than maybe our dream isn’t the insurmountable task we once thought it was. That’s all the runway we need to get started. We don’t need every answer to our dream, just a moment that gave us a sense that it’s possible to achieve. Most dreamers pass through this threshold. It’s a rite of passage. They read a book or watch a movie or have a conversation that becomes their door opening moment. We notice that there’s somebody else who had the same excuse as us, but they’re moving ahead successfully nonetheless. It’s a crystallization. That moment that makes space for our dream. Something that makes us think the world is an okay place and there is room for us in it. It makes us feel, I believe this, I can do this, I think I’m willing to try this. But it doesn’t last. You have to keep the momentum alive. You have to log success into your long term memory.

The Tool

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Victory Log

VICTORY LOG -- A small weekly calendar that you populate with any and all victories, large or small, that you achieve each day

It’s a real time register of executions toward your dream. A visual record of progress that saturates your consciousness with confidence. It sounds dopey, but the point is getting into the habit of continually setting goals that have to be met. The point is to empower yourself with the daily successes you create. The point is surrounding yourself with concrete evidence of execution on a small scale, which inspires you to achieve bigger dreams down the road.

My victory log always reminds me that I can contrive a sense of freedom out of any set of circumstances. The point is, meaning is made, not found. We do what we have to do to make things okay for ourselves. You have to reconcile mundane tasks with meaning capital.

The Rest

You don’t need ideas, you need I dids. No more writing wishes for what you wanted to happen at the start of the day, start writing achievements for what you made happen as the day progressed. Because with each entry into the victory log, you’ll feel more confident and more momentous and more satisfied. How will you keep the momentum of your dream alive on a daily basis?

The Benefits

Emotional invigorate yourself while creating
Build an undeniable record of progress
Grow your confidence more each day
Find satisfaction in small compensations.
Surround yourself with concrete evidence of your execution

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