Stock of accumulated goods

# 243

I have never done this kind of writing before, and I’m not confident in my abilities

Accidental Preparation
The hardcore formative time that fosters dreams, acts as creative training and lays groundwork for the years to follow.
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# 234

I don’t write as fast or perfectly as I want, so I talk myself out of doing my ideas

Ignorance Capital
Intentionally not knowing your destination to give yourself speed, power and momentum
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# 101

I need people who believe in me early on to keep me afloat and motivated

Emotional Capital
The human support structure that gives you power to pursue your dream
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# 107

I am writing things, but nobody is watching

Obscurity Capital
A level of psychological wealth built through the practice of private, creative freedom
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# 100

I want to stay the course when writing is hard

Creative Capital
Executing work for the joy of the process and the compound interest that pays dividends later
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# 071

I am not sure which writing projects to tackle first

Energetic Capital
Using team energy as the primary organizing principle of your work
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