I need people who believe in me early on to keep me afloat and motivated

Emotional Capital


The Context

Every entrepreneur is pining for startup capital. That very crucial, very early investment, meant to support the business until it can generate cash of its own. In fact, the highly publicized successes of the venture capital world in the seventies and eighties, most notably with tech companies who birthed an entire industry of venture capital investment firms and related products and services. However, there’s another entrepreneurial asset that should never be overlooked as a viable resource for growing a dream.

The Tool

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Emotional Capital

EMOTIONAL CAPITAL —The human support structure that gives you power to pursue your dream

This in an immense power source with which your can pursue creative dreams. Emotional capital is what gives dreamers the ability to be brave, take risks, bet on themselves, fail quietly, learn quickly and grow exponentially. And the exciting part is when you get to be the investor. The stagehand. The back of the house worker. Somebody who can take a real interest in another person’s aspirations, supporting their wildest ambitions and encouraging their dreams every step of the way. And so, if you want your dreams to come true, try giving what you need first. Try being that person for someone else. A power source that responds to with relentless affirmation, reckless generosity, instant encouragement and radical acceptance. You’ll find that backstage work is actually quite rewarding. Working in the wings is a refreshing change of pace. There’s less pressure to perform and impress. There are more opportunities to support and encourage.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

I once han idea for an alternative financing crowdfunding site where people can donate emotional currency. Monatae would allow you to give your trust, joy, encouragement, empathy, compassion, attention, influence and knowledge to your favorite projects. Because even you've already wasted your money on hookers and cocaine, you can still be a good friend.

The Rest

And the experience of stepping back from center stage and lifting others up is gratifying in a way that getting a standing ovation isn’t. Ah, the role of the stagehand. Highly underrated. What a meaningful way to belong to the world. Emboldening people, backing them up at all cost, assisting their efforts in affirmative and useful ways, and never doing so begrudgingly. It’s actually a deeply nourishing process. Who knew the crew could love the work as much as the talent?

The Benefits

Gain support for your creative ambitions
Feel connected and inspired in an otherwise lonely journey
Overcome difficulties through a constant flow of encouragement
Grow your ability to take risks, fail quietly and learn quickly

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