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Accidental Preparation


The Context

You may not be a creator in the traditional artistic sense. But your experience of investing thousands of hours and gallons of sweat doing something small, that later proves to be the training ground for something big. What have you been accidentally preparing for? Take the training you already have and apply it. Put your experience to use. Apply your training to deal with the current situation.

The Tool

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Accidental Preparation

ACCIDENTAL PREPARATION — The hardcore formative time that fosters dreams, acts as creative training and lays groundwork for the years to follow.

Truth is, everyone has some reservoir of hardcore formative time that acts as creative training and lays groundwork for the years to follow. That of fertile soil where instinct and intuition flourishes. We’re all accidentally preparing for something. We’re all choosing our own path to success, even if we don’t yet know the outcome. What form of accidental preparation might become the appendix to your foundational development? Take the training you already have and apply it. Think about where you’ve logged tens of thousands of hours. Think about what activity you’ve practiced more than anyone you know. Think about the experiment you’ve been running day in and day out for decades. That’s your filter. That’s the fertile soil where your instinct and intuition will flourish.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

My father has been the chief executive officer of his company since I was a kid. He’s very good at his job. What’s interesting is, after forty years in the business, he’s become one of the few elder statesmen in the industry. And to his surprise and delight, he’s become an inspiring mentor to many young leaders in the industry. People from around the world seek out his counsel, insight and perspective on the closeout world. And he’s delighted to share it with them. Considering the thousands of hours of training he’s already put in, it’s a joy to pay that wisdom forward to future generations.

The Rest

Hard core formative time, wherever you spend it, fosters dreams, informs what you do and lays groundwork for the years to follow. It’s accidental preparation at its finest. And everyone has their version of it. Treat your instinct and intuition as the appendix to a lifetime of training and foundational development. What accidental preparation gives you an advantage?

The Benefits

Adapt to new work environments quickly and effectively
Reduce ramp up time and increase learning curve at new projects and jobs
Create new kinds of work for new kinds of work with minimal additional training
Deepen your intuitive and instinctive powers and create value anytime, anywhere

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