I am making major changes as a writer, and don’t want to do it alone

Secure Base


The Context

Our ability to reinvent ourselves is gaining currency as a hireable talent. In fact, multiple reinventions are not indications of our lack of commitment, nor are they blemishes on our record. They actually make our life a book of stories. One that people will pay money to read. The key is inviting others to support us along this journey.

The Tool

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Secure Base

SECURE BASE — The human support system with love as its scaffolding help you process your artistic changes

If you are obviously being called to something different, the reinvention journey is no picnic. Anthropologists call the liminal space. The archetypal threshold between death and rebirth, earth and heaven. And although everyone's experience will vary, there are several commonalities along the journey. There are spiritual, visionary and biological responses. Starting with an inflection. A significant turning point. Either an isolated incident that is quite dramatic, or a series of smaller events that crescendo. Your friends and family may see this coming before you. Whatever it is, it’s significant enough to motivate a larger and more meaningful life change. Something that will fundamentally alter the direction of our trajectory. This may result in anxiety attacks, depressive episodes and creative blocks that imply a career crossroads. Make sure the people in your life know this is happening to you so they can support you when the shit hits the fan. Create a code word if you need to. Whatever it takes to let the base of support know they can help you along your creative transition.

People suffer in silence because they're afraid or unable to ask for help. They need a reliable source of emotional renewal, nourishment, safety and security in the face of everyday challenges. That gives me an idea for a new app. Secure Base is a private text messaging service that sends a bat signal to a small group of trusted confidants, alerting them of your need for someone to talk to in a time of distress. Now you can regulate your emotions with other people instead of addictions. Secure Base, help me help you help me.

The Rest

As our creative journey transitions, there will be a substantial period of introspection. We listen to our relentless inner voice, but we also listen to the unexpected opportunities that are blossoming around us. Giving real thought about who we are, who we aren’t, where we want to go next, and how we want to be when we get there. Make sure you have others to help you with that. Who's part of your secure base?

The Benefits

Feel less alone in our time of transition
Get immediate and trusted support in the next phase of your journey
Gain clarity, stability and momentum amidst the ebbs and flows of life’s changes
Find perspective on your situation when you’re sad, scared and hopeless for the future

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