Area to assert identity and needs

# 260

I’m not confident or motivated with my writing, and I’ve lost momentum

Converting your creative area into a progress rich environment that stimulates focus and buoys my spirits
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# 239

I want my team members to grow personally so they can contribute professionally

Creating an environment that forces people access new talents and skills
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# 102

I want our organization to grow its brand by doing innovative things

Idea Marketplaces
Regularly gathering people to sell and purchase intellectual effects, conceptual assets and creative goods
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# 081

I want to do a long term team project and make engaging in our office

Wall Work
Leveraging the vertical plane as a safe haven where your new ideas can incubate.
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# 038

I have so many complicated ideas that I’m losing the thread

Corral the entirety of your project to be viewable in a single frame
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# 002

I am out of my physical element and can’t get into a creative mode

Thoughtfully and intentionally creating a diversity of environments that are framed to support our individual pursuit of meaning
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