Inner emotional unrest

# 084

I am not good enough to be a visionary, I struggle staying focused on my goals

Productively channeling tension to make dreams into realities
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# 096

I’m so annoyed and angry about this one part of my work

Frustration Monetization
Take the worst parts about your job and turn them into money
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# 066

I get bad review of my work and it demotivates and depresses me

One Starring
Using negative reviews of work you love to gain perspective, humility and inspiration
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# 067

I recieved negative criticism about my work and it makes me sad

Negative Inspiration
Using the exposure of what we don't want as a powerful energy source
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# 052

I don’t know what the first step in my process should be

Questions to mine the emotional tension of your immediate past experiences as raw source material for creative expression
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# 031

I totally screwed up and feel foolish

Using humiliation to convert mistakes into lessons and lessons into habits.
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# 033

I know what I want to do and should do, I just can’t do it

Disgust Of Wind
Create real, lasting change through the power of positive tension.
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