I am not good enough to be a visionary, I struggle staying focused on my goals



The Context

Being a visionary doesn't require supernatural abilities, decades of meditation, unlimited resources, hallucinogenic drugs or divine intervention. Visionaries are simply individuals with original ideas about what the future could be like, who think about and plan that future with imagination and wisdom. They see what something could be, long before it actually happens, and by holding that picture of what they want in their minds, their vision can't help but manifest. The central lever of this process is tension. Because once someone understands the true distance between vision and reality, that tension creates energy. It generates structural pull.

The Tool

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VISIONEAR — Productively channeling tension to make dreams into realities

Senge, the legendary pioneer of learning organizations, summarized tension as follows. By cultivating the ability to hold both your vision and your current reality in mind, you can become attuned to the path between them. You become aware of opportunities you might otherwise have missed, you form an affinity with others who are moving in the same direction, you learn to look at challenges more dispassionately and find better ways of overcoming them. Is there a dream you are excited about that you truly want to accomplish? Awesome. You've already taken the critical first step of becoming a visionary. You've given yourself permission to imagine the future. Now you just have to figure out how to productively channel that tension.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

One helpful tactic is for visionearing is to create a commitment device. A physical object or prototype that incarnates your vision into tactile form. Like when my mentor told me to mockup a cover of the book I was writing and tape it to desk. That little bugger will stare you down every day until you've written the final word, he joked. And the tension between your vision and reality will generate energy and motivate you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Commitment devices have totemic power in that regard. They visually remind us to remain fixed on the right thing. They keep us conscious about when we are operating based on our vision, versus when we are simply reacting to events.

The Rest

If our minds should cloud with any worries about whether our dream is possible, the prototype just sits there, as if to whisper, psst, this thing is already real. Keep going. All of us have the potential to be visionaries. Everyone can make manifest what otherwise would not be a part of the appearing world at all. Whom do you know that can see what something could be, long before it actually happens?

The Benefits

Overcome worry and doubt on your projects
Achieve your creative visions consistently
Generate structural pull to keep you motivation
Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be

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