I’m so annoyed and angry about this one part of my work

Frustration Monetization


The Context

Something that’s uniquely fulfilling is finding a way to monetize your own frustration. Anytime you can take the worst parts about your job and turn them into money, it’s a great accomplishment. If you have ever come to that crossroads before, you’re not alone. You’re also not crazy. But the secret to gaining the greatest benefit from the process is asking yourself leverage questions.

The Tool

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Frustration Monetization

FRUSTRATION MONETIZATION — Take the worst parts about your job and turn them into money

What follows next is a list of those questions, along with my answers. Think about how you might answer them as they relate to your own career challenges. Are customers asking you if they can buy a product you don’t presently sell? What personal skills have you not tapped into yet to add value to your customers and build your business? What are you not currently charging for that people are telling you they would pay money for? How much should you be charging for this? Is there any reason not to do this? Do you have anything to lose by doing this? Is this something that you would regret not doing?

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

Here one question in particular that helped me become more prolific as an entrepreneur. Is this something that you love to do, do well, and people will pay good money for? When it came to my one on one work with people, this question helped me decide what to name it. That brand, that framing, was the differentiator that would either make or break the idea. And the truth was, this service was a unique combination of mentoring, coaching, consulting, facilitating, advising, educating, inspiring, motivating, ideating and brain picking. Wait a minute, brain picking. That’s interesting. And that’s what people are already calling these interactions with me anyway. The only problem with that name is, it doesn’t put a financial stake in the ground. It doesn’t set a precedent of value in the conversation. But what if people weren’t picking my brain? What if they were renting it? Holy shit. That’s the brand. That’s what you’re going to call this service. Rent Scott’s Brain. It’s crazy to think that moment happened nearly fifteen years ago. And since then, my one on one brain rental service, which people around the world have used, has made me money, made me happy, made other people money and made other people happy. The impact of that project brings me great pride, and being able to share the thinking behind it does the same.

The Rest

In your career endeavors, if you’re frustrated about some area of your work, find a way to use that energy. Channel into creating value for yourself and others. Maybe one day people will ask to rent your brain. What is your life trying to tell you?

The Benefits

Redirect negative energy into productive, profitable outlets
Deepen your relationship with difficult feelings
Grow your brand by mining tension for economic value
Launch novel, successful products and services that are authentic to your brand

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