Interacting group of items

# 270

I want to get a job, or thrive in a new role, but nobody here knows what I do yet

Creating your own language to capture the nuance you’re seeing that makes you good at what you do
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# 254

I’m bored and stuck need an outlet for my energy

A conceptual destination where you can unite all of her interesting elements, intermingling your interests and themes into a meaningful, cohesive whole
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# 169

I am disappointed about the status of my writing life

Creative Pragmatism
Focusing on the concrete, positive difference art making has in your actual experience of life
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# 146

I’m not a genius, the competition is stiff, and I need a new job

Exploiting your collection of talents into something of much greater value
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# 072

I can’t get in the mood to do my work if I don’t have my special things

Domestic Oil
Reducing your dependency on optimal and external creative circumstances to thrive
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