Tool that compels force

# 206

I want my work to have a bigger audience, but without killing myself

Filtering potential creative opportunities by their ability to multiply revenue without increasing labor
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# 192

I want to spread the word about my writing, but it’s expensive and people are busy

Constantly thinking about potential collaborations that can reduce your financial burden and reduce labor intensity
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# 194

I work with a new team and people are trying to shoot down my confidence

Figuring out where you're already been trusted for a history of delivering quality, and use that to your advantage.
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# 199

I want to have job security by becoming a writer everyone needs, and increase demand for my work

Relative Time Value
Using a burst of generosity to save your team hours of work and tons of stress
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# 160

I have clients who hired to me to write and I want them to value me

Pairing context and content to show clients your unique way of approaching their business problem
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# 043

I’m too whatever, people won’t hire me, I can’t do this

Limitation Lever
Turn your weaknesses into assets and tactical advantages
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