Context setting device

# 267

I want people to pay for my writing and believe in my brand

Illustrating the historical context to feather people’s intellectual nests so your product has a smooth landing
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# 200

I don’t have time to write all these things on my list, and I’m overwhelmed

Intention Framing
Put boring but necessary tasks into the wider context of your cherished, personal priorities
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# 153

I need to prepare some ideas for my meeting

Innovation Frame
A system for pursuing invention systematically rather than sporadically
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# 090

I can’t achieve my goals, not matter how many books I read

Motivating yourself by reframing tasks as expressions of your cherished values
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# 063

I have a big idea and I want to share it with my team effectively

Idea Theater
Prime and frame people’s brains so they’re more receptive and willing to accept your reality
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# 047

I have a brainstorming meeting and I want come prepared

A system for cultivating innovative ideas systematically rather than sporadically
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# 015

I think my idea is taking on a life of its own

Working Modular
Treating each idea as an uncategorized chunk of creative material, an objective, portable piece content that accumulates and categorizes into its own structure.
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