Estimation of contents

# 281

I want some process on our team, but don’t want to overdo it

Process Calibration
Finding the middle ground that balances your team’s need for predictability with its freedom to be creative
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# 264

I get frustrated and discouraged by people’s feedback about my writing

Feedback Filter
A binary grounding question we ask ourselves to recalibrate and put criticism in perspective
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# 268

I am a new writer on the team, I want to learn quickly and create value right away

Teasing out the historical context of an organization to give your work more leverage
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# 258

I want to connect with people more through my writing, but it’s hard to get noticed

Blood Gauge
A personal filter for your own work that reinforces the importance of risk.
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# 259

I have been staring at the screen for too long, not sure what to do

Artist Allotment
A personal policy for managing compositional paralysis
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# 229

I have some clients, but they’re not worth the effort, and I want to grow

Filtering projects based on labor intensity and the economy of effort
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