Structure for visualization

# 302

I write great work and want to grow it and build an empire

Systemizing your creative work in such a way that it could be replicated and productized
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# 205

I am working on this gigantic, overwhelming piece of writing, and I need to organize my thoughts and gain perspective

Contextualizing your problems in the larger ecosystem to see the structures that underlie complete situations
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# 218

I am a new, young team member and want to get noticed for writing welll

Value Continuum
An employee contribution framework for tracking ideas, tools, connections and opportunities
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# 182

I am frustrated and dissatisfied with where I’ve ended up in my career, I think I can do more

Continuum Of Potential
A visual breakdown of the relationship between raw talent versus learned skills
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# 150

I need ways to improve my creative operation, or my team’s process

Dirty Work
Turning one company's trash into another one's treasure
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# 130

I have more ideas than I know what to do with

Creative Closeout
Taking your surplus intellectual inventories and remarketing them as opportunities
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# 046

I don’t know how to communicate my ideas memorably

Combining the concrete, abstract and absolute to have greater impact with your ideas
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