Organization of parts

# 300

I want to make a lasting contribution and tap into my writing strengths at work

An integrative approach to identifying, understanding, exploiting and managing your own talent
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# 082

I wish I could just execute my work, but discipline doesn’t come easily to me

Create external structure to match your internal motivational system
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# 044

I don’t know when I’ve stumbled across something good

Natural Collaboration
Creating a more visceral and spontaneous contact with your work by designing systems and structures that invite nature as your collaborator.
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# 053

I want my audience to take action on my message

Information architecture that makes your message more actionable for audiences
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# 022

I have all these ideas, but don’t know what to do with them

Organizing Principle
The core assumption, central reference point or guiding pole, which governs action and allows everything else in its proximity to derive value.
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# 014

I’m forget my ideas, or not sure what to do when they come to me

Ground Zero
The entry point into the creative processing workflow, the primary location for offloading raw materials into your idea factory, the central cockpit of creative control.
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