Intentionally indicated limit

# 311

I am overwhelmed by all the information, opinions and content clogging up my mind

Selective Indifference
Being discerning enough not to dwell on meaningless matters, conserving your best energies for your creative efforts
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# 292

I want new writing opportunities, but people and companies want my time for free

Labor Limit
Setting boundaries on your generosity of providing unpaid service
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# 294

I have information overload and get stressed and overwhelmed

Conscious Consumption
Applying a level discernment to the intellectual nourishment you ingest
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# 297

I work at a company that moves too fast, and people are tired and don’t have time to write

Creating the necessary whitespace to take a breath and decide what the next right action is
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# 279

I don’t know how fast or slow my creative project should be progressing

Micro Pacing
An elegantly balanced production effort between heating and cooling
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# 252

I am tired of looking at my writing project and I need a break to get new energy

Creating a healthy sense of distance from your work by damming up the creative flow, compressing the circulation and applying pressure
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# 255

I have too many writing opportunities coming my way, and not sure which to pursue

Defining your creative journey by the work you decline
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# 257

I have a team that takes forever to finish writing projects

Declaring something done so your team can reap the benefits of their hard work
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# 224

I have this cool idea, but I don’t know if I should share it with people yet

Paranoia Snowball
Working quietly and quickly to keep your idea contained until it’s strong enough to roll on its own
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# 184

I work so hard for so long that my body just gives out from exhaustion or stress

Macro Pacing
Giving yourself permission to work at your own healthy tempo, velocity and trajectory
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