Series of actions

# 261

I write great stuff, but I’m not sure how, and I want to improve my skills

Deconstructive Learning
Attaching introspection to action to understand the full extent of your capabilities so you can replicate your success
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# 242

I want to do something completely different in my creative life, and it’s scary

The reinvention process of peeling off your old identity and creating a new one that sticks
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# 207

I wish I could go viral and have fortunate things happen to me like they do for others

Lucking Up
A specific set of strategic moves that have to happen after a fortunate incident in order to carry the momentum forward
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# 217

I am bored, there is nothing to do, and I’m going crazy

Crop Rotation
Regularly changing and invigorating your creative ground in order to stay fertile over the long arc of your career
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# 191

I have this task, project or experience that I know will be stressful, chaotic and emotionally volatile

Maximize the potential for success by putting a greater proportion of the activity at the beginning of the process
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# 079

I don’t know how, don’t want or don’t like organizing my thinking

Using basic knowledge management to overcome inspirational and executional blocks
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