Way of achieving ends

# 250

I am not getting anywhere with this stupid writing project and it’s annoying

Go Perpendicular
Intentionally walking away from your current work to engage in something unrelated to the flow of activity
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# 202

I’m afraid of messing up on this task and getting discouraged from taking action

Short Circuiting
Doing things before the fear has time to reach your mind
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# 204

I am putting constant time pressure on myself with heavy workloads, and it’s too demanding

Deliberately choosing not to do something to see it simply goes away and nobody notices
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# 216

I want to publish this new piece of writing, but I’m afraid of how it’s going to be received

Reality Waterfall
A chain of logic that reduces the probability of something negative happening to such a degree that it seems ridiculous
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# 166

I want to write more but my brain is overwhelmed or disorganized

Cognitive Unloading
Outsource as many mental tasks as possible to other people, things and processes
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# 142

I want work to stop feeling like crap at work, I want to use my whole self

Energy Signature
Using personal energy as the primary organizing principle of your work
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# 159

I am afraid my audience is going to lose interest in my writing

Audience Bridge
Keeping customers engaged with your work through the power of surprise
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# 126

I don’t know where to start with the creative process, it’s overwhelming

Thin Airing
Using emotional ingenuity to drive innovation seemingly out of nowhere
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# 097

I want to be remarkable and not copy other people’s writing

The idiosyncratic process of making your work unique
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# 021

I’m not sure what format to put this work in.

Putting an end to the habitual anticipation of outcomes and listening for what wants to be created instead
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