I want work to stop feeling like crap at work, I want to use my whole self

Energy Signature


The Context

Vocation is our principal occupation. It's the work we do each day. Avocation, on the other hand, is an activity taken up in addition to our regular work. Now, notice how both words have the same root, voc, meaning, to call. The only difference is, vocation is where we are called to do our daily work, whereas avocation is where we are called away from our main path to do some other work. Frost, many say the greatest poet of all time, wrote about this distinction. But instead of separating vocation and avocation, he tried to reconcile the tension between the two types of calls into a delicately poised equilibrium. Yield who will to their separation, my object in living is to unite, my avocation and my vocation, as my two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one, and the work is play for mortal stakes, is the deed ever really done, for heaven and the future's sakes. Wow, do you think that's really possible? To integrate the different calls into one glorious authentic expression? Seems worth trying.

The Tool

two color

Energy Signature

ENERGY SIGNATURE — Using personal energy as the primary organizing principle of your work

Each of us has some kind of artistic thumbprint. Whether we believe we are creative or not, everyone contains a genetic package of idiosyncratic material that makes them unique. And the process of developing our talents to the fullest, losing ourselves in the deployment of them, and inspiring others to do the same, man, that's got to be what life is all about it. Why else are we here? In fact, work doesn't even seem like a big enough word to hold this spiritual imperative. When we're engaged completely, it isn't even a labor, but an expression of our talents, creativity and knowledge. It all goes back to energy. That's the currency.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

Day job or hobby, paid or unpaid, office or home, my philosophy is, if something naturally generates energy in us and those around us, then it's worth doing. Period. Vocation or avocation is neither here nor there. Each of us should, to the best of our abilities, and within the limits of our life circumstances, do the things we're fired up to contribute. The downstream effects are simply undeniable. When we're fired up about doing something, it means working on it will make us happier, which means the quality of the work will be higher, and our positive energy will infect others. Don't worry, we will find a way to use it. That effort will give us leverage to channel that energy into a direction that creates value in the world.

The Rest

As usual, the call is coming from inside the house. And whether that call feels like a vocation or avocation doesn't really matter. As long as we answer it. What unique energy signature are you known for bringing?

The Benefits

Do the right work while also doing the work right
Begin tasks from a baseline of excitement/momentum
Reframe mundane work so it taps into your strengths
Reduce labor intensity of work with projects getting lost in the shuffle

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