Restricting condition

# 237

I am doing the same old creative work without elevating, just executing

Motivating your creativity by forcing yourself to overcome unpleasant but unavoidable challenges
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# 196

I am so inundated with all these noisy messages coming in, and I can’t clear my head to write

Creating positive predicaments for yourself in which only having a few or no outcomes was a forcing function for the better
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# 172

I want to write something that makes people’s lives better

Approaching your creative process through the filter of utility value
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# 175

I want to do this writing project, but I don’t really know how to do it

Minimum Viable Knowledge
The lowest amount of information you need to know about a subject to operate effectively
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# 127

I want to write, but have no money

Time Constraint
Using a restricted production window to exploit your creative energy in novel ways.
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# 138

I have nothing to do here, they might fire me

Problem Hunting
A framework for flexing your intellectual muscles to add value to your organization
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# 108

I wanted to do this writing task, but it just didn’t happen

Convenience Filter
Make it easier to do things by organizing your work in a way that minimizes unnecessary thinking
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# 109

I would love to create art, but I’m broke as a joke

Capital Constraint
Using lack of cash as tension to exploit your intellectual capital and entrepreneurial energy in novel ways.
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# 089

I can’t get out of bed, much less go write something

Forced Gravity
Creating an existence with more resistance
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# 062

I don’t have a fanbase to give me credibility and grow my dream

Accessing the heat and energy by which your creative dream gets sparked and sustained
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