I don’t have a fanbase to give me credibility and grow my dream



The Context

There's a chicken egg conundrum when it comes to artistic growth. Let's say you're a musician, trying to establish a touring and album track record, so that managers will be interested in representing your group. Here's the challenge. Your band needs fans to build momentum, but your band needs momentum to earn fans. What's an artist to do? How can you provide the heat, the energy by which your music dream gets sparked and sustained? Overall, the onus really is on us. In order to fly, we need a very strong foundation to start from. And so, before we even take that pivotal first step, there must be some kind of internal movement. If you just step forward, it starts sweeping you away.

The Tool

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STEAMSHIPPING — Accessing the heat and energy by which your creative dream gets sparked and sustained

Emerson's renowned essay on nature included praise for the remarkable technology of the steamship. His belief was that this technological device allowed human beings to enhance their access to nature's bounty. He no longer waits for favoring gales, but by means of steam, he realizes the fable and carries the two and thirty winds in the boiler of his boat. Despite this passage being written two centuries ago, it's still applicable today. Because every modern artist now has access to the means of production. Each of us can combine technology and creativity to express our vision, give the world something it’s never seen before and build real momentum in our careers. Consider what the technological advancement of podcasting has done for modern comedians. Who knew that sitting in front of laptops bullshitting has not only become a viable income stream, but also a hugely powerful tool for activating a fanbase. These targeted nuggets of radio on demand are the future of media. Instant company with interesting people makes hosts, guests and listeners feel less alone. Emerson would have been proud.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

Hamletter was my brilliant idea for a stationary service that sends real fan letters to new artists. Emerging creators can get a boost of confidence and build momentum in their burgeoning careers. Now musicians can let the placebo effect have its way with them. After all, sometimes it's just more fun to believe. Fake it until you make it, right? It's ridiculous, but it couldn't hurt. Every creative does whatever they have to do build momentum.

The Rest

What technology might be the steamship of your career? As long as it helps you take the first steps to get up in motion and out of your excuses, it's effective. That's the beautiful thing we have to remember about momentum in the modern world. We no longer have to wait for favoring gales. Sometimes if we just step forward, it starts sweeping us away. How can you provide the heat and energy by which your creative dream gets sparked and sustained?

The Benefits

Take greater initiative with difficult projects
Use placebos to build creative momentum consistently
Enhance your access to your natural motivation
Empower yourself by owning the means of production

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