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Time Constraint


The Context

Leverage is all about going where you have the most power. It’s a function of access, not excess. But the hard part is, you’re a human being. And your mind will work overtime to talk you out of going there. It’s sneaky little bugger, and if you’re not intentional, it will convince you that access to your power source is denied. Common examples might include obsessing over something that doesn’t go your way, focusing on things you can no longer change, or my personal favorite, letting your momentary lapse in judgment provoke an entire weekend of depression. All of these moments involve overthinking. Living in the nostalgia of the past or the expectation of the future, rather than honoring or even delighting in the present moment. How anyone could have power in those moments is beyond me.

The Tool

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Time Constraint

TIME CONSTRAINT -- Using a restricted production window to exploit your creative energy in novel ways.

One practice that’s helpful is called cognitive distancing. Both my hypnotherapist and my yoga instructors have taught me this skill, where I observe thoughts as moving data passing through my mind, rather than the objective truth about the situation. By visualizing those thoughts as beautiful elements of nature, like fluffy, passing clouds in the sky or leaves gently falling from a tree and drifting downstream, they can’t hurt me. Presence remains, and from that place of power, anything is possible. What’s beautiful about this practice is, you don’t actually have to do anything. And that’s where the leverage comes from. When you learn to harmonize with reality and accept all that life sends your way, the energy you free up is massive. When you learn to put yourself in unison with the imperfection of the world, the strength you have access to is staggering.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

Get in the habit of asking yourself, how can you go to where you have the most power? This question has been quite useful in my work as a songwriter. When the time comes every year or so to record a new album, my strategy is give myself as little time as possible to execute the recording. Because history has taught me that when you have absolutely no time, say eight hours, you will almost certainly create something pure without overthinking it. It helps me get out of my own way, access the most power, become hyper present and produce something that makes me proud.

The Rest

Remember, each day presents the chance to complicate and intellectualize things. We all have to capacity to be scandalized by our own inner thoughts. But if you want to get more out of life, don't go where you have no power. Grant yourself access to source and watch what happens. If the world was really out to get you, wouldn’t it have destroyed you by now?

The Benefits

Create authentic work without overthinking it
Get out of your own way and access raw creative power
Reduce your chance of complicating and intellectualizing things
Decrease your overall experience of anxiety and take your ideas to a new level

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