Writing Tools: Mindsets

Use these fixed dispositions that determine your response to creative situations.
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# 078

I want to reinvent myself or switch careers

Setting an intention for how you want to experience life and doing your best to thread that through creative endeavors.
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# 064

I can’t find my one big idea

Mental Omnivore
Allowing anything you think and everything you experience to become part of your creative reservoir.
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# 058

I’m not special enough to have something interesting to say

Write Mind
Respecting yourself enough document your own ideas
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# 049

I don’t have a venue to perform and there are gatekeepers

Permission Slip
Generating opportunities to express ourselves despite access, audience or affluence
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# 026

I don’t have any excitement around a new creative project

Aspirational Affluence
The ritual of reminding ourselves that the word is an extraordinary place where dreams are had and followed.
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# 023

I can’t focus on just one creative project at a time

Polyamorous Creation
Pursuing relationships with multiple creative projects, with a full knowledge and consent of all partners involved.
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# 040

I’m not creative, or I’m busy and don’t have time to write

Philosophy of reinvesting their success into new tools to serve their inventive undertakings
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# 036

I can’t do creative work in such dire times

Using the placebo power of an optimism filter during traumatic experiences to get more of what you want
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# 035

I take too long to put stuff out, or I spend an hour writing one email

Innovation Economics
Optimizing your creative process for quantity and speed before quality
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# 025

I want to be better and change but I can’t take action

The Willies
Focusing on your capability to do something, rather than you emotion directed toward the attainment of something.
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# 030

I feel guilty about being angry or sad

Giving yourself permission to channel complicated emotions into useful results
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# 034

I want to write something remarkable and game changing

A permission slip to elevate our own tools
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# 039

I don’t have the time or knowledge to read all this

Extracting value without the burden of knowledge
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# 028

I am afraid of getting rejected and going into a tailspin

Rejection Button
Responding to setbacks with an optimistic narrative that we can profitably channel
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# 009

I don’t know if my ideas are any good

Perceptual Democracy
Treat everything we encounter with fundamental affirmation and radical acceptance.
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# 010

I can’t find my authentic voice and say something original

Uniqueness Filtering
Focusing on and differentiating your work through the little worlds you investigate to a great, high level, something that fascinates and ignites you
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# 006

I would love to write more, but I’m not sure where to start

Aligning yourself with nature’s timing of creative inhaling, pausing and exhaling.
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# 013

I’m not inspired right now and need to produce novel ideas

Awareness Plan
A metacognitive procedure or mental recipe for perceiving and thinking about the environment around you, a lens for interacting with the world
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