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Spiritual aim

# 303

I add value to the team but nobody appreciates my effort

Framing our creative work as a gift of generosity, not an obligation of labor
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# 282

I’m a new writer on a team, and want to make a difference and be here long term

Resale Value
Thinking of your organization as an asset that appreciates in economic value every day that you show up
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# 230

I keep writing the same things over and over, and need to branch out

Growing your creative life in an open ended, upward curve of new possibilities
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# 185

I can’t follow my passion and make money, but I can’t do things that don’t excite me

Passion Inversion
The intention of not following your passion, but finding ways to bring it with you everywhere you go
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# 193

I work in a high stress environment, and everyone around me is having a breakdown

Treating energy as the measurement of how much change might occur in a system
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# 173

I am always proving myself, and it’s exhausting

Loving our creative work without relying on interpersonal or organizational approval
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# 099

I am stuck in bad creative habits

Going back to ground zero of your unique motivational system to start or stop behaviors
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# 078

I want to reinvent myself or switch careers

Setting an intention for how you want to experience life and doing your best to thread that through creative endeavors.
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# 006

I would love to write more, but I’m not sure where to start

Aligning yourself with nature’s timing of creative inhaling, pausing and exhaling.
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