I’m a new writer on a team, and want to make a difference and be here long term

Resale Value


The Context

In the automotive world, the moment you drive a car off the lot, it immediately loses twenty percent of its value. It’s the basic principle of depreciation. There is a reduction in the value of an asset with the passage of time, relative to daily wear and tear. In the startup world, it works the opposite. Or at least, it can work the opposite. The moment a new team member starts working at a company, ideally, if that person is a leader, the organization will appreciate in value. That individual won’t just fit in with the culture, they will add to it. They will bring something to the table that creates long term resale value for the company as it evolves.

The Tool

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Resale Value

RESALE VALUE — Thinking of your organization as an asset that appreciates in economic value every day that you show up

Do you have a valuable idea that you believe will help appreciate your larger organization, but scared that most of the people in your immediate ecosystem won’t care or understand it? Build the damn thing anyway. Decide to play the long arc game. Surprise the system and show up with something unexpected. Trust that you’ll be making a difference in a world that needs you. Let go of the results.

To quote the founder of a company I worked at, the audience you can’t see yet is watching you. Meaning, future clients, potential investors, job candidates, media outlets, strategic partners, all those people for whom an alignment with our company might someday be profitable, it’s never too early to start creating value for them. Because although you may not be able to see them, they see you.

The Rest

The audience you can’t see yet is watching. And they’re hoping you will do something to raise the game of everyone nearby and move the team forward. What if you started thinking of your organization as an asset that appreciates in economic value every day that you show up?

The Benefits

Raise the game of everyone nearby and move the team forward
Become known as someone who always brings ideas to the table
Continually Increase the value of your company’s assets over time
Make your brand more attractive to clients, investors, media outlets and strategic partners

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