I want to reinvent myself or switch careers



The Context

Getting older often means learning to be driven from a new place. It’s a fascinating evolution of human motivation. Because on the downside, we are all afraid that we will lose our edge. Our fear of change is really just the fear of death. And our winning strategy, our unique way of pushing ourselves to achieve our goals, has been successful so far, so why would we fold a winning hand? Switching to different fuel will hurt our results. But on the upside, building a new set of contexts and motivations from which to approach the world can be profoundly fulfilling in a way that we’re not used to.

The Tool

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REFUELING — Setting an intention for how you want to experience life and doing your best to thread that through creative endeavors.

A helpful way to think about it is to consider places you used to be driven from, and then comparing them to how you drive yourself now. And we don’t always need to know why we become who we are. Sometimes being grateful for it is enough. In order to evolve into the next version of yourself, there is a winning strategy you will finally have to let go of.

My father retired after forty plus years as the president of a closeout company. When he called me after all the papers had been signed and he was officially no longer a business owner, the sound of his voice was remarkably different. Calm, light and carefree. Because he was no longer carrying the daily wagonload of almost intolerable stresses, burdens and anxieties that come with the territory of being an executive. This meant he could now learn to be driven from a new place. Since that day, watching my father relax into his retirement through a healthy combination of leisure activities, charity efforts, family care and passion projects has been an inspiration to me.

The Rest

Because you don’t have to retire to shift your motivation. It’s all about setting an intention for how we want to experience life and doing your best to thread that through daily endeavors. What new grade of fuel will be using in the next chapter of your life?

The Benefits

Tap into ambition from a place of security within yourself
Evolve into the next version of yourself
Find new arenas of fulfillment through life projects
Build new set of contexts and motivations from which to approach your work

Table of Contents
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