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Way of seeing reality

# 309

I feel stuck in my writing career and need to make a big change

A filter for relating to reality that determines your creative responses to situations that are different, not just better
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# 233

I think the universe is against me, and my writing projects keep getting derailed

Positivity Filter
Increasing your field of vision to allow you to better notice the opportunities that lead to success
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# 211

I don’t know if this is a good idea or a great one

Filtering the quality of new ideas by their ability to breed other ideas
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# 170

I can’t write with all these distractions my workplace

Using the placebo power of a focus filter in the face of distractions to get your work done
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# 171

I want to motivate myself and my team to work towards the same end goal

End Framing
Paint a compelling, detailed picture of the desired future so you can make meaningful strides toward it
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# 086

I want a job that fits my purpose and engages me

Meaning Making Filter
Conceptualize creative work through psychological and existential construct of meaning
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# 036

I can’t do creative work in such dire times

Using the placebo power of an optimism filter during traumatic experiences to get more of what you want
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# 009

I don’t know if my ideas are any good

Perceptual Democracy
Treat everything we encounter with fundamental affirmation and radical acceptance.
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# 010

I can’t find my authentic voice and say something original

Uniqueness Filtering
Focusing on and differentiating your work through the little worlds you investigate to a great, high level, something that fascinates and ignites you
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