I want to motivate myself and my team to work towards the same end goal

End Framing


The Context

Disney viewed everything in life through a cartoonist's eyes. The question he used to filter and inspire all of his projects was, what's the end frame? Now, if you're not familiar with this term, in cartoons, the end frame is where the final resolution is discovered. Animators keep it the back of their minds while they create a systematic storyline that logically leads to audience to that resolution. Imagine when the princess and the beast are finally kissing at the stained glass window in castle. Or the mermaid and the prince are pronounced man and wife on the boat. That's an end frame. Even if you're not a cartoonist, end framing is a strategy that can support your creative efforts in a powerful way.

The Tool

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End Framing

END FRAMING — Paint a compelling, detailed picture of the desired future so you can make meaningful strides toward it

Whether you're still in the ideation phase, deep into execution mode, or scaling growth, every project needs a horizon. Every creator needs some way to envision the future to inspire their motivation in the present. It makes getting out of bed so much easier. The cash value of end framing is, as you do your work today, you earn that beautiful and noble feeling where you can look around at the people you've invited on your journey and think to yourself, isn't this great? How lucky are we to be doing this thing, right here, right now, and moving towards something? Losing is not a possibility when you’re in that state of mind.

One of the end framing questions my mentor taught me to ask is this. If everybody did exactly what you said, what would the world look like? Once you ask it, all you have to do is make sure what you're doing each day is giving people the tools they need to build that world. Even if that reality never comes to fruition, you still win. It may not change your outcome, but it will alter your experience.

The Rest

With endframing, your project might succeed, it might fail, or it might fall somewhere in the middle. Doesn't matter. Results are irrelevant at that point. As long as you keep the end frame in front of your eyes every goddamn day, then you've already won. You're not going to let somebody spin this into you losing. How can you envision the future to inspire execution in the present?

The Benefits

Inspire yourself and your team to stay on mission
Support your creative efforts in a powerful and visual way
Easily and quickly identify the next steps in your project at any time
Satisfy the team leader’s creative original vision while also adding value to it

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