April 18, 2023

Make this fit into this, using nothing but that


The first step in manifesting anything is accepting that we’re never starting from scratch.

Trusting that we already have a bigger head start than we might realize. It’s simply a matter of taking inventory. Sorting through all of the prefabricated parts that can help tilt the odds in our favor.

Then making the object of our contemplation a concrete objective reality.

Now, this may sound like esoteric boloney to you, so here’s a real life example from rocket science.

Apollo, not the god of music or the fictional boxer, but the space shuttle, manifested its reality.

Did you see the movie about the failed mission? Such a classic. My favorite scene is where the crew’s carbon dioxide approaches dangerous levels. Ground control must quickly invent a way to make the command module’s square filters work. The engineer supervisor comes into the conference room, dumps a bunch of hardware onto a table and says this:

I suggest, gentlemen, that you invent a way to put a square peg in a round hole. We gotta find a way to make this, fit into the hole for this, using nothing but that.

Cue the dramatic montage music.

Thirty time lapse seconds later, the engineers, using only the items available on the spacecraft, build a device to make the control module canisters usable. They used plastic sample bags, books covers, socks and duct tape to save the astronauts.

Now that’s manifesting. Talk about not starting from scratch.

Are you that resourceful? When was the last time you used all the parts at your disposal to bring your desires into being?

If this skill is something you’d like to improve, here’s an exercise.

Make a simple list. Prove your track record of success to yourself. Write down five to seven moments in your past when you proved to yourself that you had the ability to manifest.

It could be professional achievements, personal relationships, physical health, spiritual development, intellectual growth or some other point of pride. Set aside humility for a moment, and whatever dreams you resurrected into the world as a living realities, account for them all.

It feels like the equivalent of dumping a bunch of hardware on the table.

Once your list is done, read it out loud to someone you trust. This exercise may be uncomfortable at first, but it saturates your consciousness with victory, dissipates your fears of manifesting and gives you the confidence you need to do it again and again. And the more energy you start giving to these visions, the more power they will have to manifest themselves physically.

Life will shape itself on the model of your imagination. You’ll never feel like you’re starting from scratch again.

My mentor, a top sales trainer in the corporate world, famously told me that if you can figure out where you’re already trusted for a history of delivering quality, then it becomes easier to replicate your success.

I’ve held that advice close to my heart for years, and it’s sustained me during difficult periods.

From the vulnerability of getting married, to the anguish of depression, to the uncertainty of switching careers, to the fear of launching new ventures. Learning to trust my resources in this way has become an invaluable skill.

I’ve been able to manifest things in my life that would otherwise would not be a part of the appearing world, and that makes me deeply proud.

You can feel that same pride too. Step one is a matter of taking inventory. Observing the many ways in which your soul has already been manifesting itself.

Making this fit into this, using nothing but that.

What if everything you wanted to create was already inside of you?