Ceremonial action

# 312

I am overwhelmed with tasks and get flustered going from meeting to meeting

Punctuating routine activities with a line of demarcation or microstructure that sets a boundary between peripheral and principle creative work
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# 245

I work at home and it’s hard to see where my work ends and my self begins

Punching Out
A ritual of leave taking at the end of your creative workday
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# 247

I have a hard time getting started with my writing, it takes forever to get into the zone

Centering Sequence
A daily ritual that brings your brain up to operating temperature in order to run properly
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# 129

I need some new ideas, or I forget the old ideas we once came up with

Walk The Factory Floor
Creating the ritual of an established parcel of structured curiosity, whereby you casually and thoughtfully peruse every idea you’ve recently accumulated.
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# 087

I have nothing to say and maybe won’t ever write another thing again

Consuming your own work to give you solid faith in your creative capabilities
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# 001

I get discouraged and unmotivated and can’t create

Selfless Service
A ritual of taking small, productive actions on our own behalf that create value in the world for at least one person besides ourselves.
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# 011

I’m can’t figure out what I should write next

A daily ritual of emotional release where you metabolize your experiences, make serious mental headway into your ideas and get the creative faucet flowing.
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