I have a hard time getting started with my writing, it takes forever to get into the zone

Centering Sequence


The Context

Pollack works from within. He trusts himself. He knows that in the creative process, nothing is guaranteed, but nothing is gained by predicting the worse, either. So why dismiss rather than affirm his chances? He proves that only when we point ourselves in the direction of possibility, optimistically announcing that our internal, external and cosmic resources are available to us, do we increase the odds of success.

The Tool

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Centering Sequence

CENTERING SEQUENCE — A daily ritual that brings your brain up to operating temperature in order to run properly

It’s a small, simple tool, but it works wonders because of accumulation. Like any routine practiced multiple times a day for several years, it has a profound effect on your mindset. What ritual could you employ to intentionally support your ability to trust yourself? Avoid the cold start. Your brain is a machine. And like any mechanical device, you need to bring it up to operating temperature in order to run properly. Without that crucial warm up cycle, the motor is vulnerable to errors, misfires, wasted energy, toxic emissions, even full blown system failures. Use a centering sequence as a ritual to accompany your creative journey and lock into the zone faster and more consistently.

When I started my career as a writer, I began using a series of affirmations and short cognitions. They pointed my mind in the direction I wanted it to go. They talked me into a more trusting frame of mind. And they loosened the grip of my negative thoughts. One example from my daily centering sequence is the phrase I trust my resources. When I recite those four words throughout the day, I draw a single deep breath, using my respiration as a ten second container for that specific thought, matching the rhythm of my respiration to the symmetry of the words.

The Rest

And so, when you sit down work each day, consider using a centering sequence before pulling out of the creative driveway. A ritual that keeps you from doing things that you regret, things that come from the shadowy parts of your personality. How are you warming up your mental system?

The Benefits

Avoid the pain of the cold start in your creative work
Warm up your mental system so you don’t create things you regret
Loosen the grip of negative thoughts that delay or derail you from starting
Reconnect with the internal, external and cosmic resources that fuel your art

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