Positive, customary long term act

# 305

I want to learn quickly so I can write groundbreaking ideas

Creative Promiscuity
Providing more entry points for insight to occur through a compressed, high level of diverse input
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# 266

I’m in over my head, I have to write things that don’t come naturally to me

Transferring the architecture behind your core talent to a mundane or overwhelming task
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# 235

I don’t journal like I should, but I just don’t see the point

Treating journaling as a psychological and physical accounting of your emotions
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# 181

I want to make a difference on my team and ensure job security

The practice of converting your curiosity into everyone else's utility
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# 165

I don’t know when a new writing project is the right one to take on

Finding creative opportunities by getting out of your goddamn head and actually trying things
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# 128

I am overwhelmed by big creative tasks or change

Micro Execution
The practice of creating incremental, meaningful work in a limited time frame.
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# 133

I wish I had more good ideas, I don’t know how to find them

Negative Ideation
Stretch your imagination through the positive power of bad ideas
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# 134

I have kind of an idea, but it’s not complete and I’m afraid it will get shit on

Pushing forward incrementally to spiral up to an idea that has a real impact
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# 110

I want my idea to go viral and spread

Idea Seeding
Grow the reach and legitimacy for your idea through constant, incremental exposure
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# 085

I can only motivate myself if I have had my coffee

The practice of accomplishing things that get you psyched to work even harder
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