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Creative Promiscuity


The Context

In a world where information is free, ubiquitous and instantaneous, what people really need is a paradigm shift.

Aha moments of illumination and perspective. Psychologists refer to this as insight, which is when their client acquires a new accurate awareness or comprehension about their life situation. They realize their past is negatively influencing their current state.

The benefit of insight is, it expands our palette of choices. With each new insight comes a greater feeling of freedom, a heightened sense of lightness and new sources of power.

The good news is, you don't have to spend two hundred dollars an hour in therapy to get insight. There is insight to behold everywhere, if our eyes and hearts are open to it.

And you start noticing, the whole world just comes falling at you.

The Tool

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Creative Promiscuity

CREATIVE PROMISCUITY -- Providing more entry points for insight to occur through a compressed, high level of diverse input

Here's how you craft a system that vastly increases your odds of uncovering insight.

Diversify and multiply the flow of your source material. Make yourself entirely open and vulnerable to every shred of stimuli that crosses your path.

It's creative promiscuity. Because when it comes to shifting paradigms, quantity matters. It's simply a function of volume and variety.

Seeing more ideas will give you a creative advantage. The more input that crosses your field of view, the more leverage you have, the more entry points insight have to enter, and the more paradigm shifts you can ultimately generate.

The most fertile period of insight in my recent professional life was during the coronavirus quarantine.

Because of our shelter in place order, the amount of discretionary time that was freed up for learning and researching was at record levels. I've never read so many books on so many different subjects in my life.

From topics like user experience design to software strategy to artificial intelligence to information taxonomy, my creative reservoir was overflowing. Combine that condensed intellectual input with the collective emotional trauma the whole world was experiencing, it felt like my paradigm shifts were becoming a daily occurrence.

In fact, many of those insights became fundamental my business and worldview, contributing to the launch of my most successful product.

The question is, where did all those insights come from? What was it about that period that made it so fertile? And can that process be replicated? Well, ask any therapist or meditation instructor worth their salt, and they'll tell you that you can't force insight, all you can do is pay attention, ask questions and care.

However, what you can do is manage the situation to increase your odds, rather than leave insight up to chance. You've got to be willing to be promiscuous. You saucy minx, you.

The Rest

Insights are a fresh illumination of an objective reality that widen the dimensions of your world and intensifies your participation in life.

That moment when you suddenly understand cause and effect and see the inner nature of things and feel the sudden sickening realization of identifying a problem, it's a glorious feeling. The best part is, you can help it happen systematically, not just sporadically. Don't wait for the source current to tap into you. F

ind the substratum of energy from which to supply intellectual power.

How could you be more creatively promiscuous?

The Benefits

Exponentially increase your learning in a short period of time
Increase the likelihood for paradigm shifts that transform your business
Enable major breakthroughs to happen systematically, not just sporadically
Expand your reference reservoir and give yourself greater leverage over the competition

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