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The Context

As humans, we assume we are the most evolved species on the planet. But despite our tragic separation from the animal world, people are not as superior to our uncivilized mammalian counterparts as we think. Because whatever problem we’re struggling with, odds are, it’s already been solved somewhere in the animal kingdom. We humans simply have to get out of our heads and into the mindset of our furry friends. If we pay close attention, the souls of other living creatures can teach us many important lessons that we have forgotten. And in fact, they might even inspire some of our finest innovations.

The Tool

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ANIMALISM — Invert the innovation process by leveraging the nonhuman world

Puppies and babies are pretty much the same thing, right? And most families treat their pets like members of the family, right? Then why not transfer the discipline? Considering that most attempts by parents to curb their children’s awful behavior are unsuccessful, perhaps it’s time we treated children like the wild creatures they are. Puptot is revolutionary new parenting course taught by animal behaviorists who teach moms and dads how to train their kids like dogs. By using social cues, positive reinforcement, choke collars, mild electric shocks, small bags of pocket bacon and separation anxiety management tactics, your child will grow up to be the pick of the litter. Puptot will make your misbehaving kid into a diamond in the ruff.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

Notice the innovation lever I've pulled to create this new business. How could you take something that works for animals and apply it to humans? You laugh at this idea, but millions of pet owners around the world have been anthropomorphizing animals for years. You can now buy dog beer, dog goggles, dog treadmills, dog dog nail polish, dog backpacks and dog high chairs. Why not invert the innovation process to leverage the animal world for our own benefit? They’re just as valuable as we are. It’s time we start extending more compassion to these beings, tapping into the value they can bring to our lives beyond just licking peanut butter off our genitals.

The Rest

Who knows? The next world changing innovation could be something we adopt from our nonhuman friends. If we didn’t believe humans were superior to animals, how might they inspire us to create things that improve the world?

The Benefits

Solving real human problems by learning from other species
Extract economic value from the nature without destroying it
Discover new sources of inspiration and leverage nobody else is using
Deepen your compassion for other beings and tap into the value they offer

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