I feel guilty about fantasizing and daydreaming instead of writing



The Context

Are you easily absorbed by fantasy? Do you enjoy envisioning alternate realities as well as possibilities for the future? Good. Choosing a life of ideas is entertaining, nourishing and meaningful. In fact, these little fantasy excursions can serve us well. They’re one of our major modes of human adaptation. As long as we don't use daydreaming as an anesthesia for reality, as long as our imagination is not a painful inner abandonment, then it’s worth the journey.

The Tool

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EXCURSIONING -- Taking a short mental journey of creative fantasy

Having crazy ideas doesn’t make you crazy. There no price you should have to pay for inventing absurdity. Listen, this is the very brand of whimsy that not only makes life more bearable, but frankly, most of our culture has already bought into. Did you know there was an actual game show that pits babies against other babies as their family members try to correctly guess their next move to win money? Did you know there was a real app that records how high you throw your phone and places you on a global leaderboard for distance? These aren’t my fake ideas, these things exist. It’s proof that our society not only encourages absurdity, but also rewards it.

Let me share a fun example from my inventory of absurdities. It’s one of the bogus ideas from my product development and innovation gameshow that you might like. Robbing a bank is every man's fantasy. But it's not only illegal, dangerous, expensive and immoral, but also a lot of work. And most people don't have that kind of time. Until now. Heisty is a live action role playing entertainment facility where you join our crew of actors, police officers and former convicts to execute a bank robbery simulation. You can choose from a multitude of scenarios, playing the role of the alpha mastermind, the unlikely hero, the rogue cop who plays by his own roles, the arrogant hostage negotiator, the whiny customer who gets killed in act one, or unsuspecting blind janitor who saves the day. For an additional fee, our videographer will document the entire thing for you to watch with loved ones. Heisty, now you can do the crime, without doing the time. Tell me that's not worth a thousand dollars? If you didn’t laugh or at least grin when you read that description, you might already be dead.

The Rest

Taking mental excursions is extraordinary. What a wonderful time to be alive. What a gift to possess human imagination. Be proud of your fantasies. Relish your alternate realities. Because as long as you're not abandoning yourself, you might just create an ambiance of hope for the future. What intellectual excursion could you go on today?

The Benefits

Use your imagination to make life more bearable
Turn your absurd fantasy life into something useful
Entertain yourself and others in a nourishing and meaningful way
Cope with the hopelessness of life without abandoning yourself in an unhealthy way

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