September 11, 2021

Transferring the architecture behind our core talent


We’re all given one thing in life that’s a little easier for us than it is for most people.

Call it our divine gift, our zone of genius, our unique talent, what have you.

All names aside, its purpose is to whisper to us, specifically in those moments when our sense of competency is assaulted, hey, why not do everything like you do that thing?

This question is perhaps the most powerful tool to help us breathe from the atmosphere of possibility. To stop overlooking our capacity to transfer the architecture underneath our core talent to all the other areas of our lives.

Years ago, I realized that writing was that thing for me. It was my first love. My first language. The support system for my life. The tool I used to weave my picture of the world and speak to myself about what I need. The only thing I couldn’t remember not doing.

And so, now, whenever I feel clogged or incapable or in over my head with certain activities or tasks, I think to myself, okay, well, how could I make writing a part of this? What are the architecture elements underneath the writing process that might also work here?

Sure enough, I began embedding that thing into whatever other thing I was doing, and everything was fine. I felt like the best version of myself. All because I transferred the architecture.

Look, it’s a game. A curiosity experiment. An awareness plan that challenges you to see which part of myself, unrelated as may be, that I can integrate into this moment to solve problems and create value and make things happen.

Next time you find yourself stuck and blocked and trapped, practice a little transference. Think about the one talent or skill that you can execute brilliantly but intuitively.

Consider the core principles that have silently guided that behavior for years.

Figure out how to generecize them in an exact and practical way. And then replicate them to the task at hand.

Are you overlooking the transferability of your own talent?