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Fixed dispositions that determine your response to creative situations


Procedures for addressing or accomplishing your creative work


Act or conduct yourself in specific ways yielding prolificacy


Use these specific things to produce value along the creative process

# 007

I’m not feeling like myself and growing anxious about creating

The practice of inspiring and reinspiring yourself based on each of your unique preferences and passions and predispositions.
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# 008

I can’t stay motivated to keep working on projects

Creative Commitment
A theoretical constraint of treating your art as a daily practice, professionalizing your art and using daily momentum to keep yourself from feeling detached from the process.
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# 009

I don’t know if my ideas are any good

Perceptual Democracy
Treat everything we encounter with fundamental affirmation and radical acceptance.
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# 010

I can’t find my authentic voice and say something original

Uniqueness Filtering
Focusing on and differentiating your work through the little worlds you investigate to a great, high level, something that fascinates and ignites you
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# 011

I’m can’t figure out what I should write next

A daily ritual of emotional release where you metabolize your experiences, make serious mental headway into your ideas and get the creative faucet flowing.
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# 012

I wish it didn’t take so long for me to settle in and start my work

On Ramp
A creative subroutine that brings up your energy and snaps you into the appropriate state of mind to do your work.
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# 013

I’m not inspired right now and need to produce novel ideas

Awareness Plan
A metacognitive procedure or mental recipe for perceiving and thinking about the environment around you, a lens for interacting with the world
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# 014

I’m forget my ideas, or not sure what to do when they come to me

Ground Zero
The entry point into the creative processing workflow, the primary location for offloading raw materials into your idea factory, the central cockpit of creative control.
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# 015

I think my idea is taking on a life of its own

Working Modular
Treating each idea as an uncategorized chunk of creative material, an objective, portable piece content that accumulates and categorizes into its own structure.
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# 016

I can’t maintain a constant flow of creativity

Unconscious Rumination
Allowing your inner mind to get to work mulling over, sorting out, organizing and categorizing material that has been previously absorbed, ultimately generating an idea at a time when the mental spotlight isn’t on it.
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# 017

I have ideas that aren’t fully formed or finished

Micro Expression
Creating ideas in a piecemeal, nonlinear fashion, without the constraints of chronology, sequence, rational order and narrative.
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# 018

I can’t keep momentum alive for projects

Victory Log
A small weekly calendar that you populate with any and all victories, large or small, that you achieve each day
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# 019

I’m disappointed about not making any progress at this stage

Commitment Device
A physical, simple, creative, intentional and memorable totem that keeps your dream in front of your face.
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# 020

I can’t make things with my mood, emotions or circumstance

Meaning Making Mission
An existential blueprint for noticing, naming, taming and reframing negative moods into positive fulfillment
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