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Fixed dispositions that determine your response to creative situations


Procedures for addressing or accomplishing your creative work


Act or conduct yourself in specific ways yielding prolificacy


Use these specific things to produce value along the creative process

# 177

I want to reinvent myself and change the world, but it feels overwhelming

Going out of your way to announce to yourself that something mundane is actually paramoun
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# 178

I want to move the ball down the field this project, but everyone has an opinion

Input Embargo
Setting limits on the level and frequency of team feedback during the creative process
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# 179

I know what my problem is, but I don’t know how to solve it, or there are too many options to solve it

The Toolkit
A robust arsenal of solutions custom fit for your unique personality, value system and life situation
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# 180

I feel foolish because I’m not wired for this task, and wish I was better at it

Limitation Language
Building a narrative about your weaknesses that gives you perspective and power
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# 141

I’m new to the team and want to connect with people so we can collaborate

Creative Audit
The process of identifying, assessing and leveraging an organization’s knowledge, and the brains behind it
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# 142

I want work to stop feeling like crap at work, I want to use my whole self

Energy Signature
Using personal energy as the primary organizing principle of your work
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# 143

I don’t have enough time to work on these creative projects

Building a narrative around your priorities that supports and enhances an overall experience of fulfillment and calm
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# 144

I have team members who keep dragging and missing deadlines

Temporal Abundance
Building a narrative around time that supports and enhances your overall experience of fulfillment and calm
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# 145

I never have enough energy or time to do things I need to

Attentional Abundance
Building a narrative around mindfulness that supports and enhances your overall experience of fulfillment and calm
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# 146

I’m not a genius, the competition is stiff, and I need a new job

Exploiting your collection of talents into something of much greater value
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# 147

I want my company leads to understand the contributions I bring to the organization

Shipping Log
An accounting ledger of your personal creative contributions to the team
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# 148

I have lots of ideas on my team, but I don’t know which to focus on

Shit Filter
Gauging the quality of your ideas through physical reactions, not subjective opinions
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# 149

I need to find some new idea inspiration for writing

Stimulating innovative ideas by solving personal problems
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# 150

I need ways to improve my creative operation, or my team’s process

Dirty Work
Turning one company's trash into another one's treasure
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# 151

I just finished writing something, and critical feedback is coming from the team

Mental Oxygenation
Giving creative confidence room breathe and grow by nurturing it with encouragement, freedom and affirmation
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# 152

I want my team to come up with innovative ideas for clients and each other

Using intentional parcels of time and technology and support to foster innovation
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# 153

I need to prepare some ideas for my meeting

Innovation Frame
A system for pursuing invention systematically rather than sporadically
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# 154

I want to start a new project that actually helps people

Zooming In
Elevating the power of a small solution by creating an extreme version of it
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# 155

I need inspiration for a new idea, and I want to help people

Scaling one person's excessive moment of emotion and bring it to the world
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# 156

I want new ideas that nobody has ever thought of, but totally make sense

Invert the innovation process by leveraging the nonhuman world
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# 157

I feel guilty about fantasizing and daydreaming instead of writing

Taking a short mental journey of creative fantasy
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# 158

I don’t know which format this project should be in

Medium Agnostic
Allow patterns to emerge and open our work to becoming more dimensionalized, in whatever form it needs to live.
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# 159

I am afraid my audience is going to lose interest in my writing

Audience Bridge
Keeping customers engaged with your work through the power of surprise
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# 160

I have clients who hired to me to write and I want them to value me

Pairing context and content to show clients your unique way of approaching their business problem
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# 121

I don’t know if I can wait a year or more to do this project

Macro Oxygenation
Giving large projects a chance to grow on your team by nurturing them with encouragement, freedom and affirmation.
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# 122

I am afraid of having to start from zero on this new project

Identifying what you already possess in service of your creative vision so you don’t have to start from zero
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# 123

I organize my ideas inside my head, but can’t find them

Humbly accepting the limits of your own mind and trusting ideas to an external system instead
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# 124

I don’t know where I should be spending my time

The single high leverage creative activity that facilitates all the others
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# 125

I can’t get anyone on my team to take the time to help me on this thing

Extreme Ownership
Create leverage through the attraction of working, not the arrogance of interruption
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# 126

I don’t know where to start with the creative process, it’s overwhelming

Thin Airing
Using emotional ingenuity to drive innovation seemingly out of nowhere
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# 127

I want to write, but have no money

Time Constraint
Using a restricted production window to exploit your creative energy in novel ways.
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# 128

I am overwhelmed by big creative tasks or change

Micro Execution
The practice of creating incremental, meaningful work in a limited time frame.
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# 129

I need some new ideas, or I forget the old ideas we once came up with

Walk The Factory Floor
Creating the ritual of an established parcel of structured curiosity, whereby you casually and thoughtfully peruse every idea you’ve recently accumulated.
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# 130

I have more ideas than I know what to do with

Creative Closeout
Taking your surplus intellectual inventories and remarketing them as opportunities
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# 131

I’m good at creating things, but they don’t move the needle at the company

Knowledge Lever
Embracing and exploiting the economic potential of your team's intellectual capital
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# 132

I’m going through a hard time but I can’t explain what it is

A uniquely appealing activity or practice that enables you to give voice to that which has no words
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# 133

I wish I had more good ideas, I don’t know how to find them

Negative Ideation
Stretch your imagination through the positive power of bad ideas
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# 134

I have kind of an idea, but it’s not complete and I’m afraid it will get shit on

Pushing forward incrementally to spiral up to an idea that has a real impact
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# 135

I am hesitant to share my writing because I’m paranoid someone will steal it

Exponentially increasing your overall asset of creativity by giving more of it away
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# 136

I am scared about having to start from scratch

Stream Stepping
Faithfully partnering with the existing flow of innovative energy to carry your vision forward
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# 137

I need inspiration, and none of these tricks or hacks I’m using work

Inventive Mechanism
The natural constellation of creative entities we already possess and can access
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# 138

I have nothing to do here, they might fire me

Problem Hunting
A framework for flexing your intellectual muscles to add value to your organization
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# 139

I want my employees to be more innovative during client meetings

Starting Block
A framework to help teams adopt a more efficient starting posture and preload their creative brains in an enhanced manner
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# 140

I have great ideas inside my head, but people look at me like I’m nuts

Filtering the quality of your ideas through physical reactions, not subjective opinions
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# 114

I wish there was a place where I could do my best work as a writer

Opportunity Agenda
The inherent enterprise to notice and manufacture creative opportunities, apply force and propel them into interesting directions.
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# 115

I don’t know the first thing about this topic I’m writing

Reverse Engineering
Start executing against where you're being evaluated to retrofit a successful recipe for your work
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# 116

I spent all that time practicing that activity for nothing

The ability to tolerate boring, repetitive, isolating tasks that don’t have an immediate payoff
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# 117

I think my life is a mess and I get stressed or hopeless with all the things

Mission Control
A snapshot of everything that’s important to me, helping me understand the relationships between the various buckets of my life.
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# 118

I am not someone who is good at taking action on ideas

Debating negative thinking by attaching the desired creative outcome to your identity
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# 119

I quit ideas too quickly to neglect them for too long

Inner Oxygenation
Giving small ideas a fighting chance to breathe and grow inside your mind by nurturing them with encouragement, freedom and affirmation
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