I need to work out some feelings and figure out what’s going on

Aggressive Pondering


The Context

When the existential vacuum starts to suck the life force right out of us, we have to respond quickly and intelligently. Because into every void rushes something. And we’re either going to fill that hole with something that tranquilizes us, or something that galvanizes us.

The Tool

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Aggressive Pondering

AGGRESSIVE PONDERING — Deliberately creating a situation or framed experience in order to have an arena in which to work out an unresolved issue

Be strategic about confronting the void. Be intentional about meeting your meaning needs. Even if you have create my own software app for doing so. Take a particular thought or problem or issue that you're currently struggling with and use that as a framing device to guide your experience. By the time you're done, the mental prompt you've layered on top of the rhythmic, repetitive action will produce an insight you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

Aggressive pondering is the same logic behind traveling with your romantic partner within the first three months of the relationship. The road, after all, is the ultimate testing ground. The arena where the truth surfaces. The wringer through which successful relationships endure.

The Rest

Yes, existential vacuums suck. But you're a creator, so use your creative powers to ponder your way out of it. How will you use your situation as a catalyst to grow and evolve?

The Benefits

Meet your meaning needs more intentionally
Handle existential vacuums before they cause depression
Strategically produce insights to solve your creative problems
Use difficult situations as a catalyst to grow and evolve your art

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