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Units Up


The Context

What ritual or experiment could you embed into your life to exponentially increase your activity level? How could you tap into the power of volume and give yourself an unfair advantage? Meaning, find a way to get the sheer mathematics on your side. It’s not difficult. There is no right way to do it. Anytime you apply intention and attention to your own growth, you can’t help but benefit from it.

The Tool

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Units Up

UNITS UP — Exponentially increasing your activity level to create a stronger baseline for yourself

The greater the volume of experiences you have to work with, the better context you create for yourself. Time plus volume equals enrichment. Belsky applies this notion to startups and other creative ventures. He writes in his comprehensive book about bold ventures that time adds a value to creative work that cannot be replicated any other way. While there is nothing extraordinary about each little moment in isolation, the magnitude of time the experiment represents creates real value. Do something, anything, daily, for a long time. Use the sheer volume of experience to allow for all kinds of possibility, including running into as many walls as you can. And just watch how your life improves.

Scott's Take

Scott's Take

Wearing a nametag everyday has been a source of eye rolls for many. But that’s okay. Because doing so has also accelerated my life in ways that would that otherwise be invisible. It’s given me several lifetimes worth of creative output, which has given me innumerable interfaces with myself and others, and that has also allowed me to run into tons of walls, human or otherwise. All of which has been great training. What’s your version of that?

The Rest

Prolificacy happens in the day to day. If you can find a magical object that helps maintain the continuity of your life, you win. And in a chaotic world where we’re all searching for some permanence to help us through the turbulence, personally, it’s deeply comforting to know that at least one thing will be the same tomorrow. What do you have to do create a baseline of value no matter what?

The Benefits

Create a more robust creative context for your work
Provide yourself with several lifetimes worth of inspiration
Give yourself enough volume to gain an unfair advantage against the competition
Accrue little moments in isolation that add up to a magnitude that creates real value

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